Soooo…I was at the Glee Live movie taping on Friday


Okay, so a few of you know that I was at the Glee movie taping on Friday. Sorry this recap is late, but I had to work (and or catch up on sleep) all weekend.  I hope I remember all the details, and you can feel free to ask me questions after reading this if you like.  :)  I will say that I had a great time overall!  The day was long, and there was a lot of down time, but watching the cast/crew interact was really cool, and it was interesting seeing so much of the behind the scenes things that go into making a movie.  This is extreeeemly long, and I don’t blame one single person for scrolling on by, lol. 

First, I will say that I was sitting next to the right side of the stage and in the third row (if facing out from backstage), so I obviously couldn’t see some of what was happening from the other side.  This means that I saw more of the interactions between the guys than I did the girls, just due to where they had a tendency to be sitting or standing much of the time.  Also, I’m a big Darren fan, so this recap will likely have a heavy focus on him, as I tended to watch him whenever he was on stage.  I think I have things to share about each of them, though, and they were all lovely and really seemed to get along well. :)

I think I saw someone post a breakdown of what was shot for the day, but if you have any questions about that, let me know.  I figured I’d focus this recap on the cast interactions and any other fun tidbits that I remember from the day.  I’m going to be as detailed as possible for all of you who couldn’t be there, because I know I’d have appreciated something like that (thank goodness my profession requires me to pay close attention to people on a daily basis, lol).  Aaaand here we go (you all deserve a cookie or something if you actually make it through this post.  Sorry for my long-windedness. /o\)

Okay, the first thing they shot was the Kurt/Blaine/Brittany skit.  Heather walked out quickly to the middle of the arena first, and Darren showed up on our side of the stage shortly after that.  He saw the man with the megaphone standing in front of us, attempting to give us directions and, instead of continuing to walk by, he stopped at the stairs, and the guy handed him the megaphone.  (at this point, I was sitting in the back, but they needed a few rows to move to the very front, so I was moving while he was talking and didn’t catch most of what he said. I did hear him say that if he didn’t need his heart, he’d cut it up into tiny pieces and share it with everyone there, or something similar.  LOL Cheeseball, I love him <3).  So, he was pointing out the people who were wearing Warbler-type clothing and such, as I was moving, and was just generally happy and friendly.  When the group of us who were moving got to our new places, the guy told us to wait until Darren was finished talking, because I guess he figured we would be too close to him or something if we sat down where they wanted us, and didn’t want to cause any kind of riot, lol.  But, Darren stood there talking with the fans for so long that the guy got tired of having us stand in the aisles, and just told us to take our seats anyway.  It was really sweet of Darren to walk out into the audience and talk to us. He definitely didn’t have to do that, and it was a nice energy booster to start the day, as we would be sitting in our assigned seats for many, many hours to come. 

Heather was the first one out on stage, and she was like an energizer bunny. She kept flipping her hair back and forth to make it all poofy, and was jogging in place, doing jumping jacks, and basically engaging in calisthenics up there before they started shooting.  The first time they started the skit, I didn’t notice it, but I did see the next to times, that the camera was actually shooting close ups of her doing these things, so I don’t know if it’s part of the movie or for some extra/behind the scenes thing, or just for outtakes or what. But, it is on camera. LOL  Anyway, they shot the first take pretty much like a typical skit that we’ve seen before, and Chris and Darren ran down the steps, while Heather went back to her side of the stage to get ready for the next take.  Chris looked really deep in thought for a minute or two, and then you saw him walk over to the middle of the floor where they were recording playback of the skit in 3D.  He requested a pair of 3D glasses, and watched the playback of what they had just shot, again seeming to be deep in thought about something.  He finishes that and goes back to his place.  While Chris was doing that, Darren started humming and singing some song into the microphone, looking over at our side of the audience, sort of serenading us.  When people started to react to him doing this, he realized that he was causing us to break the rules because we were told to be quiet between takes so they could figure out the intricacies of the next take.  He then apologized for “making you guys break the rules,” and then gave another speech thanking us for being so patient and compliant with their requests because they were all trying to do the best they could to make the movie the best it could be, and even though it would be tough to sit there all day, he appreciated us all coming out and being supportive of them in any way we could.  Chris was back to his spot to start the next take by then, and smiled at him at the end of his speech.  Then, they went up on stage for the second take, and that’s when Chris did the “what’s better than Kurt and Blaine? Kurt and Blaine in 3D” thing.  Darren joined in right away, and almost fell over when he attempted to copy the ninja kick. LOL It was presh.  That was also the first time that Darren said the line “you like the blazer” in the flirty way that he did it that night for the show.  I saw some people on here write about how that was scripted, and I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that Darren came up with that right on the spot during that take.  For the briefest of seconds, you could see Chris caught off guard by it, but he recovered very quickly and responded in a similar way to what you guys saw in the videos from the show.  Darren was so proud of himself for that line.  When they cut that scene, Chris walked back towards our side of the stage to have his clothes readjusted (every time he would flip himself to the ground and kick his legs, his pants and shirt would move and so a crew member had to come over and fix them for him.  Darren followed Chris over to the side and repeated the “you like the blazer” line to him again more quietly with a big smile on his face, and Chris looked over at him and gave him a smirk, kinda like an “oh, you” reaction.  It was cute! LOL Like I said, Darren was very proud of himself for coming up with that line.  So, they had another part of downtime, where they had to set up different cameras, and during this time, Heather was up on stage spinning and making beatboxing noises and dancing.  Darren joined her with the beatboxing for a bit, and then started singing a song that included the words “Heather Morris” and “awesome.”  Chris had been crouched down in his spot for the next take, and stood up, resting his arms on the side of the stage after Darren started singing, watching Darren sing and Heather dance. Seriously, they’re all so cute!  So, the third take is similar to the second one, really.  Then, they had to shoot Chris walking up the stairs with different cameras, so Darren and Heather were hanging out on stage.  They were just goofing around, and playfully leaning on each other, at one point Heather leaned over and whispered in Darren’s ear, and was leaning on his shoulder and he leaned forward towards her.  Then, they were having fake conversations seemingly to set up the shot, and then did the brief “I’m taken” lines to give Chris his cue to walk up the steps.  Ohhh, and at the end of the shooting for the skit, Chris walked off the stage and said “sorry if anyone saw my ass” since his pants and shirt kept readjusting as he was rolling around on the floor.  LOL ILH  They shot IWHYH next with just Chris, and he sounded beautiful, as always. <3 <3 <3

Cory was up on stage next to shoot his line introducing Rachel and Kurt’s duet. He was immediately super friendly and nice, but was obviously serious business about following directions and getting his work done correctly.  He read his line, and then the others slowly joined him on stage.  Heather was first up, and she apologized (I’m not sure if it was to us or to Cory) for being “grumpy” earlier in the day, but then said she had just had a 5 hour energy drink and was “good.” She and Cory then discussed the merits of energy drinks, and she proclaimed the lemon-lime one “gross.”  (She didn’t seem grumpy to me earlier, but maybe since she’d walked past the fans instead of waving, she felt bad and was not yet awake? Idk, she seemed fine when hanging out with Darren and Chris on stage, lol.)   Kevin then walked up on stage, and Cory greeted him with an exaggerated “OMG YOU CAN WALK?!?!” and Kevin chased after him and they started fake-punching each other. While the others were slowly congregating onto the stage, Kevin was playing chicken with one of the moving cameras.  He would dance or shimmy up to it, and it would move towards him, and then it would back away and he’d move up again.  He kept shaking his ass into the camera too, and everyone was laughing.  Chord walked on stage with his guitar and Cory quipped at him “are you gonna play us a song, Chord Overstreet?” in a teasing way.  I remember Chord singing parts of “Baby” at some point and it may have been in response to this, but I can’t exactly remember, lol.  When Naya showed up, Cory announced her arrival by introducing her as the “breakout star of Season 2” <333.  Amber was the only one who hadn’t shown up to shoot that scene yet, so a choreographer took her place with Naya at the front of the stage, while they shot the background shots for RDMH.  Amber showed up shortly after that, and they shot the other classroom scenes.  Kevin had trouble knowing how to turn his mic off, and so we would randomly hear parts of his conversations, and Cory and Amber were teasing him.  Naya spent a lot of time sitting in Artie’s wheelchair whenever they weren’t shooting.  I couldn’t see Mark or Ashley from where I was sitting, but they were up there, too.  Dianna walked in with Jenna and spent some time talking to Dante (one of the producers) in the middle of the stage, and he gave her a big hug.  Then Chord and Dianna shot “Lucky.”  Dianna and Chord both asked some questions about placement and timing, it seemed. It was really interesting to be able to watch them all in “work mode” while they were shooting or about to shoot and in the down time while the crew was just setting up different shots or cameras.  Oh, and Chord and Mark were mouthing things back and forth to each other with smirks on their faces at different points from across the stage. Their friendship makes me smile.

LLM was next after about a 10 minute break or so. Most of the cast was relaxing on stage.  Lea showed up and walked over to where Amber, Jenna, and Dianna were sitting.  She immediately sat down and put her head on Amber’s shoulder and they cuddled for a few minutes. <3  They were getting ready to shoot the performance, but Chris and Darren were missing, and both ran up the stage steps together at the last minute.  (I’m secretly hoping this means they were shooting some brief extra scene for the movie under the stage or something, but it probably means that Chris and Darren were doing one of the 1000 other things they have on their plates besides the Glee tour stuff, those crazy boys).  They probably did LLM about 7 times in all, for different camera angles and such.

OMG This is so crazy long, I don’t know how or why anyone would read through this mess. I think I’m gonna try bullet points from here on out to see if that makes it go more quickly/makes it easier to read.  If anything’s unclear, don’t hesitate to ask me questions and I’ll do my best to clarify, lol. 

During LLM shooting/breaks, I saw the following things:

Darren and Chord chasing each other up the ramp on the stage, play fighting.

Darren and Harry doing fake ninja moves to each other towards the back of the stage.

Cory and Lea hugging in the middle of the stage.

Darren and Lea hugging in the middle of the stage.

Darren sitting down in the middle of the stage, and Harry and Chord joined him, along with the choreographer who put one hand on each of Darren and Harry’s shoulders, and they seemed to be asking him questions/getting reassurance about the choreography (Darren seemed to take the choreography very seriously, as he also approached the choreographer later to talk to him, and then during STL was practicing the turn they do over and over again, while Jenna was encouraging him).  A few minutes later, Kevin joined their group, and scooted his way in between Harry and Darren, and Mark was standing in front of them.  They were all talking and laughing. 

Heather was stretching every chance she got on every break, which I know is pretty common for dancers. 

Mark and Cory standing up front chatting with a crew member about something related to filming, and then having friendly conversations when they were finished with that. 

Jenna and Amber laying on the stage with their feet up on the ramp, relaxing, while Naya and Dianna sat on the other side of them (I couldn’t see that side well, so I don’t know what they were doing). 

Naya was sitting in Artie’s wheelchair at random points again, too. Haha

Darren joined Mark and Cory up front and they were laughing in conversation and gesturing with their microphones.

Later, Cory, Mark, Darren, Chord, and Harry were all playing with their microphones towards the back of the stage, it seemed as if they were discussing how to keep them from dropping.  Chord kept rubbing his mic on his thighs, and at one point pretended it was a pepper grinder and he was pouring pepper on Mark’s head, and Mark obliged by shaking his head, lol.  Harry was showing them how to dance with the microphone tucked under his one arm. 

Darren ran up the ramp to the front of the stage, using his mic like a golf club, and Kevin and Amber joined him up there and chatted for a while. 

Darren doing dorky dancing to Cory, and then later to the producer guy, Dante.  LOL it was some bastardized chicken dance type thing, IDEK.  He’s such a nerd. 

The camera that was on stage was kind of hazardous to the actors as they were all dancing and trying to perform. It almost got Chris at one point, who was deftly able to move out of the way just in time.  Darren wasn’t so lucky, and he ran smack into the back of the camera while trying to run up the ramp after that “run to the middle of the ramp in a circle and then go back to the top” thing that they do. LOL Darren had to clunkily move around the camera and then run back to his place.  Several others had similar run-ins with the camera like Chris, but Darren was the only one I remember who ran smack into it. Haha I love that adorable failboat.  (During “Sing” the wires almost got tangled in Chris’s feet, but he was able to jump out of them before he tripped, too. Who knew shooting a 3D movie about a concert was so dangerous, lol). 

During STL, I saw the following things:

Darren came out on stage last, as the others were already out there from shooting DSB, and a bunch of people in the audience screamed for him when he showed up.  He looked around confused, but did wave when he realized they were screaming for him.  He joined Heather in the back of the stage, and chatted with her and Harry and Jenna for a few minutes before they started filming. 

The first time they attempted to shoot STL, the backing track skipped and the voices were all cracked, and so as they were about to make their first turn, half turned and half stopped, and they immediately yelled cut.  They all laughed, and Amber took a bow at their fail.  Amber, Naya, and Kevin were like stomping in the middle of the stage, haha.  So, there was obviously a delay while they were fixing the audio.  At that point, Naya and Amber had a contest to see whose side of the audience could scream louder.  Amber was on the other side, and Naya ran to our side (Naya actually ran back and forth laughing and encouraging everyone to scream louder.)  Jenna proclaimed our side the winner, and Naya rewarded us with some crunk dancing, lol. 

Darren and Heather were being goofy in the back, introducing themselves to each other repeatedly and shaking each others’ hands.  Darren then started to do some ballet moves behind Heather as he was walking back and forth across the stage.  LOL

Darren was seemingly very concerned about the choreography for this number, because he kept repeating it again and again with Jenna, Harry, and Heather in the back.  Jenna was encouraging him and Harry and Heather were basically like “lol, you’ve got it, you goober.”  (I also saw Darren chatting with the choreographer at one point, also seemingly about the dancing, and he was reassured about it).  He was taking this very seriously, lol, I kinda love it. 

During the long break, they all sat down on stage, and the majority of them laid down.  Just Darren, Cory, Amber (she was laying down sometimes and sitting up sometimes) and Kevin sitting in the wheelchair were sitting up.  Everyone else was lounging around and resting.  Kevin seemed to be trying to encourage them to get more energy, and stood up in his chair, shaking his ass and dancing again.  Darren joined in, dancing with his upper body but didn’t stand up.  Amber sat up at that point, and was sort of dancing along, too.  (The cameras were filming them all laying around, so I’m wondering if some of this will be in the DVD extras or for some type of video diary type thing). 

Also, while they were sitting there, Cory asked in the mic if we could hear him. When we responded we could, he began making crazy noises and fart noises, and Darren joined in with him, lol. 

At the end of STL, Darren handed in his jacket with the rest of the cast, and then ran into the middle of the stage, and did a kind of Tarzan yell or something with his arms outstretched, lol. Then, he jumped off stage because he was finished shooting for the day. 

Other things I noticed just generally:

Kevin and Cory watched the entire shooting of the skit.  Kevin was sitting in one of the chairs where the playback screens were, and Cory was standing with some red haired woman the entire time, more off to the side (basically just standing leaning against the section of seats where I was sitting).

Ashley waving to the audience when she came over to the side during the dances. (She wasn’t on stage much where I could see her, so I don’t have a lot of details about her. Sorry. :(  )

Ashley and Harry did some cute dances during DSB for the filming.

Mark and Chord hanging out just laughing, and are clearly close friends.

Chord took Artie’s wheelchair and rode it down the ramp, but then realized he’d have to get back up the ramp.  He slowly trudged his way up with the choreographer behind him egging him on/teasing him.  When he got to the top, Kevin got in, and completed the action much faster than Chord. So, then Chord did it again, and this time was much quicker than his previous time.  I think Kevin still won, though, which makes sense, given how often he’s in that chair.

Naya loved sitting in the wheelchair every chance she got, and would just randomly ride it across the stage. 

Chord and Mark were, at one point, being silly to get the audience to react. They would flex their arms and rub their arm on their leg, as if playing some type of instrument, and generally just having fun with the fans while they were waiting for the next take. 

Lea’s family and her boyfriend showed up towards the end of the day, so she spent breaks once they got there walking off stage to go say hi.  Ryan Murphy had showed up in the middle of the day, and they hugged each other one time she went over to look at the playback. 

Okay, now I’m gonna make a Chris paragraph, because I love Chris and don’t feel like this recap has enough of him in it, lol.  The reason he’s not in it more is because he tended to spend his down time by himself, deep in thought.  He never moved away from the group or avoided anyone, but just seemed to be thinking or zoning out.  (When he was interacting, it was on the side of the stage that I had trouble seeing, so I was kinda bummed that I missed some of his interactions, too. :( ) He didn’t look sad, so I don’t want anyone to be upset. It really just seemed like he was thinking and pensive and, honestly, probably a lot like I would be in that situation.  (I’m an introvert, and we need downtime during times where we have to expend a lot of energy, so we take it whenever we can get it, not because we’re lonely or unfriendly or uncomfortable). They’ve been going nonstop and I think he needed time to relax and just “be,” if you know what I mean.  He also was taking his job very seriously, and you could see him thinking about various things during breaks (probably also the very many other things that he has on his plate, lol Idek how he does all he does). He did spend some time chatting with Amber, and he and Lea gave each other a hug and were talking in the middle of the stage.  He also sat with Mark and Cory at one point, but none of them were talking and it was closer to the end of the day, and they looked exhausted, lol.  There was a really cute moment where he was standing in his place during “Sing” waiting for them to shoot, and he was twirling his microphone, like he usually does.  A few girls behind me yelled out “Chris, you’re a ninja.”  His ears perked up, and he looked over at them, breaking into a big smile, and then did a quick ninja type kick to the front in response.  It was so freaking adorable the way his face lit up and his reaction.  Also, every time music was playing, he could not stand still, and was moving his hips constantly.  


dis da picture aight


dis da picture aight

KBL Reversebang Fic: (Im)Possible


Title: (Im)Possible

Artist: hopelesslydevotedgleek

Author: alianne

Rating (art/fic if different): G/PG

Word Count: 26,000

Warnings (if any): Bullying and homophobia

Fic Summary:  Being the blacksmith’s son doesn’t exactly give Kurt a lot of opportunities to put on nice clothes and dance, but then his friends sneak him into a royal ball for the prince’s 17th birthday for one night of fun. And for the first time in his life he gets to dance with a boy and flirt with a boy and just be himself - until he has to run off to get back home before his dad notices his absence. What he doesn’t know is that the boy he danced with was Prince Blaine himself, and that Blaine, who still believes Kurt to be nobility, leaves no stone unturned to find the wonderful boy he just can’t forget…

Link to Art: Have a look here!

Link to Fic: Read on the AO3

Art Thumbnail: (an additional piece can be found in the fic.)


Author’s Notes: Thanks to mailroomorder and hopelesslydevotedgleek for betaing. hopelesslydevotedgleek was also the one to come up with the wonderful plot idea. Additional thanks to charli-of-oz-writes and hazelandglasz for providing me with suggestions that eventually led me to find a title for this thing. I’ve had a lot of fun with this. I finished it over two months ago when things were calmer and I am posting this in the middle of moving, surrounded by boxes in an almost empty apartment using a GPRS connection. I hope it works! And I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


I decided to take part in the KHBB this year and this is one of two stories I took part in!

It’s a really sweet and lovely story written by jukeboxanderson.Check it out, I really like it! Also artist on this fic was gleeddicted, and you can see the very well fitting and perfect poster here with the fic: Link to read on AO3!

Trapped in Amber Masterpost



imageWarnings: Dealing with grief, homophobia & sexual harassment
Rating: R
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, (Burt/Carole)
Word count: 130k
Summary: Kurt is drifting into his senior year of high school; he bothers no-one, and finally no-one bothers him. In the four years since his mother’s death when he was thirteen years old, Kurt and his father have become strangers living in the same house. Until one day an overly-enthusiastic transfer student from some private school is asking him for directions, and his father brings home the mother of his once-tormentor.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 35 - 36 - Epilogue

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Art: 1|2|3|4|5 and the gorgeous banner all by gleeklainebow

1 by merry-the-cookie

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How to Pack Luggage?


I don’t think I can do any of these.


Whisper 'I love You', Chris & Darren, NC-17


Title: Whisper ‘I love You’
Author: dreams-and-oj
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Words count: 32,000+
Summary: Chuck has a new best friend and Darren finds himself falling head over heels for something more curious and lovely than he thought could be real.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Chapters: 15 + Epilogue Completed: Yes

MASTERPOST: Catch Me If You Can


Title: Catch Me If You Can
Author: afterthenovels
Length: 23 chapters
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: M
Word Count: ~117,000
Summary: A White Collar Klaine AU. Special Agent Blaine Anderson catches con-man and art thief extraordinaire Kurt Hummel twice, and on the second time they strike a deal. They’re supposed to just solve white collar crimes together, but they might even end up solving each other in the process.

The whole Catch Me If You Can verse on AO3

Main story on Scarves&Coffee

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  • One-shots for this story can also be found here and here
  • The updates for this fic will be tagged with #catch me if you can verse, so you can track that tag for any future ficlets.
  • Also, please check out the gorgeous art my friend Patricia made for this story right here. ♥



Hello everyone :)
I was feeling over crisscolfer-ish lately, so I’ve decided to create this masterpost, in which I put every single crisscolfer moment we had, in chronological order, from the first photo on set to the latest news! So yeah, I guess that in absence of new photos/tweets/whatever we can at least re-read old stuff.
I will update the post as soon as new stuff will come out, so yeah, I guess that if you’re searching for something you’ll find it here, idk.
I hope you’ll like it aaand here you are.

p.s. if anything’s missing, feel free to tell me and I will update! 

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Summary:  Sometimes you get so busy working toward your lifelong dreams that you nearly miss out on the most important things in life. Chris and Darren have the world at their feet and everything they have always wanted, except the one thing they have needed most, each other. Deciding to fight for what feels right in a world that couldn’t be more wrong, isn’t easy, but at the end of the day love is the only dream worth having. Shifting Dreams is the story of how they decide to embrace the love they have always felt for one another, and the joy and consequences that come as a result.

What started as a short series of drabbles has now become a journey. Now a full length CrissColfer fan fiction. - Rating changed to Mature for sexual content

Rating: Mature                                 Pairing: Chris Colfer/Darren Criss

Status: WIP

Update: 29

Read From The Beginning: AO3

Disclaimer: This story is purely a work of fiction. I am in no way affiliated with Chris Colfer or Darren Criss, nor am I stating that anything you read here to be factual, but if our overactive, vivid imaginations got anything right, what a great life!

Fic: Semester’s End - A Near Misses Fic


So, the next big fic in the Near Misses ’verse is set right now during this summer - I still can’t believe we’re caught up to NM canon, but time marches ever onwards - and this fic originally was going to be the prologue to it, sort of setting up emotionally where the boys are at the beginning of it. However, it’s a big enough moment that it took rather a lot of words for me to write it, so it’s a stand-alone instead. :)

Huge thanks to Liz and Stoney for reading for me and leaving me helpful notes, as always. I couldn’t do this without them.

The story so far:
"Near Misses" - Kurt and Blaine might not have met on a staircase in high school. This is what could happen if they met in college instead. (A story of who Kurt and Blaine might have become without having had each other.) - 200,000 words, NC-17, goes AU from canon after 2x06, some spo!lers through 3x22 - [on the AO3]
"Facebook Official" - Kurt wakes up the second time on Sunday morning. - 3000 words, PG, set just after the main story - [on the AO3]
"Twenty-three Firsts" - Friends, places, and conversations: twenty-three firsts for Kurt and Blaine. - 58,000 words, NC-17, set just after the main story/Facebook Official - [on the AO3]
"King of the Warblers" - A Dalton-era Warbler party from Sebastian’s point-of-view. - 4200 words, PG-13, Blaine/Sebastian backstory set during their first few months of dating at Dalton - warnings for underage drinking, coercive but consensual sexual situations, and Sebastian being a jerk - [on the AO3]
"Brigadoon: A Near Misses Interlude" - Kurt’s opening night in Brigadoon. A few hours in the Near Misses ‘verse. - 11,000 words, PG - [on the AO3]

Title: “Semester’s End”
Author: flaming muse
Fandom: Glee
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 16,000
Summary: Kurt and Blaine celebrate the last afternoon of the semester and cross off one more first.
Spo!lers: all of the Near Misses ‘verse, which includes elements of canon through 3x22 (“Goodbye”)
Disclaimers: The characters belong to various corporate Powers That Be. I make absolutely no profit from playing with them.
All of my fic is available on LJ and on the AO3.
Feedback is lovely!

on LJ | on the AO3

King Of All Wild Things


Summary: Kurt, a sheltered royal in the Sylvester kingdom, is banished and forced into the Wild - a place of fierce beasts and cannibals. At least, that’s how the stories go. But what Kurt finds in the jungle, or rather, what finds him, is not what he was prepared for.

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: dubcon and some violence

Notes: For those of you who read this while it was a WIP: bless your hearts if you’ve actually come back to finish this after so long. Thank you for still taking an interest, and I apologize that it took so long to get this to you.

However, if you have already read parts of this fic - PLEASE read this from the beginning! I know it’s a lot to ask you guys to spend time re-reading it, but I hate to think of you having read parts 1-7 a year ago (!) and being completely out of the moment with it. Plus, I tweaked and edited the entire thing as a whole, so now it will flow better. I hope.

THANK YOU: To Nikki for betaing the entire thing, and for the betas who helped me when I was posting this on the GKM: Alex, Megan, and Tracy.

You can read it on AO3 right here!